Frequently Asked Questions

How do you ensure the quality of the ribbon anode used in the Cassette system?

Only reputable ribbons (Elgard 150 or Chemical Newtech HISEO) are used.

Is there any isolation between the stainless steel bolt and the ribbon anode?

When stainless steel bolts are used it is surrounded by a plastic washer/tube to avoid short circuits.

What is the longest service life so far of a Cassette system?

The first Cassette system was installed in Norway in 2002 and is still running.

What lengths can Cassette be ordered in?

The standard length of a Cassette is 4m. For a small extra charge it can be supplied pre-cut to any length.

What can I do if I want higher current capacity from the Cassette?

The Cassette can be supplied with two ribbons to double current capacity.

Can the Cassettes be supplied to support more than one anode zone?

Yes, the Cassette can be supplied with two separate ribbons that terminate within the Cassette, so the two parts may support two different anode zones.

Has there been any corrosion on the steel bolts on existing installations?

Only superficial rust has been observed after several years of operation. If this is a concern, fibre glass bolts and nuts may be supplied instead.